Knife Charges in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Knife Charges

There have been a lot of stories in the news about the new gun carry laws in Georgia permitting concealed carry in a lot of places where it previously was prohibited. One thing that does not get a lot of press, but does lead to unexpected criminal charges, is the carrying of various types of knives in Georgia. The most recent gun law that went into effect in July 2014 does contain provisions that impact the right to carry knives in Georgia, impacting the size of the blade that a person legally can carry.

In Georgia, there are restrictions on the size and type of knife that can be carried. When a person has been stopped and found to be in possession of knives that are illegal, it can lead to serious legal charges, including the fact that the possession of an illegal knife can act as an enhancing factor in getting criminal charges for other offenses bumped up to a more serious charge. Some of the knives that are illegal to carry include:

  • Pocket knives that have a blade longer than five inches;
  • Other knives with blades longer than five inches;
  • Locking blades;
  • Razor blades;
  • Darts; and
  • Throwing knives.

When a person has been arrested on charges of robbery, assault, or sexual assault, he may face a significantly longer prison term based on the possession of a dangerous weapon, such as a knife. If the crime is charged as a more serious felony, the person may be facing decades in prison, as well as large fines. In addition, a felony charge for possession of a dangerous weapon can lead to a person losing his right to carry a firearm after he has served his sentence. This serious infringement of rights can be prevented if a person who has been charged with a weapons related charge contacts an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

In addition to the felony charges and misdemeanor charges for carrying a knife in violation of the law, a person who carries a concealed knife with the intent of using it to commit an offense against another person can be charged with a misdemeanor crime. The penalty for this may be a sentence of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.00.

A person can find himself facing other legal issues relating to carrying a knife in addition to the general prohibition against the carrying of a dangerous weapon as defined by law. Specifically, a person is prohibited from entering into the following premises with a knife:

  • Places of worship;
  • Schools and other locations where children regularly are present, such as daycares;
  • Certain government buildings;
  • Jails;
  • Courthouses; and
  • Mental institutions.

Getting arrested with a concealed knife in any of these locations, other than places that have permitted the carrying of concealed weapons pursuant to the new gun laws, can find himself charged with a serious crime. It is important to have the right legal representation to avoid the life-altering consequences of a conviction for a dangerous weapon related crime.

The Abt Law Firm, LLC. Aggressively Advocates on Behalf of its Clients

Although Georgia has taken steps to decrease the restrictions on a person’s right to carry concealed weapons, there remain many different legal traps into which a person may fall. The Atlanta Criminal Defense Firm of the Abt Law Firm, LLC. understands the many nuances of the law and will work with you to obtain the right results. If you do not want a criminal record, call us immediately at 1 (800) NO JAIL 9 and we can help. We offer free consultations at our office, over the telephone, and are ready to come to you in jail.

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