Georgia Stun Gun Laws

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Stun Gun Laws

A stun gun is an electrical devise such as a Taser that emits an electrical charge strong enough to disable a person. Some, but not all, uses of stun guns are regulated by Georgia’s criminal statutes. Failure to use a stun gun in compliance with the law can result in criminal penalties. As such, it is important to keep reading so that you can learn the full scope of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to using stun guns.

Legally, stun guns are divided into two types. One type requires you to make direct contact with your target before the gun will discharge. The other type, used by police, fires a projectile (typically a wire) into the target so it can be used at a distance. The “contact” type of stun gun is not considered a firearm in Georgia and can generally be carried without a permit. The “projectile” type stun gun is considered a firearm and is regulated by the same laws that govern the use of other types of firearms.

No firearms permit is required to carry a contact stun gun in Georgia. A firearms permit is required, however, to carry a projectile stun gun. Permits normally will not be issued to minors under the age of 21, or to people convicted of felonies and certain other crimes. You need special approval to obtain a permit if you have been admitted as an inpatient to a mental hospital or alcohol/drug treatment center within the past five years. Carrying a projectile stun gun without a permit is a criminal offense in Georgia, and a convicted felon caught carrying one can face up to five years in prison. With a permit, you may conceal your stun gun under most circumstances. A policeman is not authorized to stop you and demand that you produce your permit unless he is entitled to stop you for some other reason.

Even with a permit, you will not be able to carry a projectile stun gun into certain public places where the owner forbids firearms. In addition, you can’t carry one into a school safety zone, to a school function, or onto a school bus, although you may carry one in a locked compartment in your car to pick up or drop off a student. No permit is required to simply store a stun gun of any type in your home, car or other property.

With or without a permit, criminal penalties can be significantly enhanced if you use a stun gun to commit a crime. Using a stun gun to commit an assault, for example, is considered felony aggravated assault in Georgia and can land you in prison for up to 20 years. It is also a felony to use a stun gun while breaking into someone’s home or car. It is even a felony to carry a stun gun while in possession of a controlled substance such as marijuana.

You might face a long prison sentence, heavy fines and a debilitating criminal record if you are convicted of violating Georgia stun gun laws. If are arrested anywhere In Georgia and want your charges dropped, call the ABT Law Firm, LLC right now at 1-800-NOJAIL-9 or 1-800-665-2459. We offer a free initial consultation, we are available to you 24/7, and we will even visit you in jail if necessary.

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