Child Abuse Lawyer in Atlanta

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Mom Arrested for Actions based on Religious Beliefs

There is perhaps no area of the law that is taken more seriously than that of protecting the rights of the innocent. Within that umbrella are the rights of the less fortunate, the elderly, and of course, infants. Unfortunately, there are many “gray areas” associated with the “law” of parenting, which can lead to complex […]

Atlanta Murder Trial Attorney

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Differences in Murder and Manslaughter Charges

While it is common knowledge that a criminal charge or manslaughter or murder will result in strict penalties in Georgia, many residents are unaware of the difference between the two classifications. Fortunately, Abt Law Firm, LLC is here to help.  At Abt Law Firm, LLC, we pride ourselves on helping Georgia residents learn about criminal […]

Negotiating Pleas in Atlanta, Georgia

Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta Discusses Negotiated Pleas

In many criminal cases, the prosecution and defense will work together to negotiate a plea bargain that ensures that justice is served, but also considers the life and future of the defendant. In some cases, plea bargains offer reduced charges, fewer charges, or alternative sentences that are more favorable than what may be achieved through […]

Minors in possession attorney in Atlanta

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Minor in Possession Laws

Georgia law is strict regarding alcohol possession and consumption by individuals deemed as minors. Unfortunately, everyone makes mistakes however, sometimes they can result in criminal charges. When this happens, an otherwise ordinary young person can find him or herself embroiled in the criminal justice system. One of the most common elements of juvenile law is […]

Criminal Rehabilitation Attorney

Criminal Sentencing Alternatives and Rehabilitation in Georgia

Being arrested and charged with a crime is devastating to an individual’s life and livelihood. In many cases, criminal allegations are the catalyst for an uncertain future and loss of academic and professional opportunities. However, there are often alternatives available to help defendants rebuild their lives, rather than allowing their lives, and that of their […]

Criminal arrest process in Georgia

Our Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses the Basics of the Criminal Process

Most Georgia residents know that following an arrest, the accused will attend court before determining the best course of action for the case. Unfortunately, most Georgia residents do not take the time to fully understand the process following an arrest, which can lead to inconsistent information, missed appearances, and unexpected financial expenses. At Abt Law […]

social stigma of a criminal record

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Long-Term Social Stigma

After an arrest, many Georgia residents find that their lives change in many ways. For some, loss of employment or educational opportunities is a reality. For others, the social stigma follows them for a long time, causing detriment to personal and professional pursuits. Recently, a story made headlines in Atlanta, and all across the nation, […]