Traffic Offenses in Atlanta

Atlanta Defense Attorney Discusses Criminal Traffic Offenses

Everyone knows the importance of driving carefully and obeying traffic laws. What many people do not know is the serious nature of criminal traffic offenses, well beyond the scope of simple citations. Georgia law is very strict concerning criminal traffic offenses, and has stringent penalties in place for those who violate traffic laws to a […]

Georgia’s fraud laws and penalties

Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Georgia’s Fraud Laws

In today’s advanced technological age, fraud can mean many things. Georgia law considers several independent crimes under the umbrella of fraud, including forgery, deposit fraud, credit card fraud, and identity fraud. The legal definition of fraud is “using deceitful or dishonest means to get something of value”. This definition is quite broad, and encompasses a […]

Get Help with Your Bail Questions

Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Options for Bail in Georgia

Following an arrest, Georgia residents are required to follow numerous processes. Additionally, there is an even more optional process like posting bail. Bail is an excellent option for individuals who have been charged with a crime, but who do not want to remain in jail for the duration of the case. It is not uncommon […]

Atlanta, Georgia texting and driving offenses

Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta Discusses Georgia’s Cell Phone and Texting Laws

In today’s technological age, the issue of cell phones, texting, and driver distraction are significant concerns for lawmakers, enforcers, and Georgia drivers. In recent years, the law has changed a great deal regarding the use of mobile devices while operating a vehicle. Many states across the nation have implemented strict guidelines for use of these […]

Atlanta Prostitution Attorney

Atlanta Prostitution Defense Attorney Discusses Georgia’s Prostitution Laws

One of the most sensitive areas of Georgia law is that of sex crimes. While most people think of sex crimes as being the acts of rape, sodomy, or prostitution, Georgia’s sex crime laws go much deeper. In fact, throughout the Metro Atlanta area, law enforcement continues to “crack down” on sex offenses, including those […]

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Georgia Politician Accused of Sex Crimes

Atlanta Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Discusses Georgia Politician Accused of Sex Crimes

One of the most important concepts for Georgia residents to remember is no one is excluded from the possibility of being accused of a crime. The law is strict for everyone, be it one of Georgia’s many homeless residents or the politicians and lawmakers themselves. Unfortunately, when a high profile individual, such as a politician, […]

Domestic and Teen Dating Violence in Altanta

The Difference Between Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence

It is commonly known that arguments and disagreements can get out of hand, and subsequently can result in criminal allegations. Because there is such a fine line between a domestic dispute and domestic violence, it is important that Georgia residents understand that there are many scenarios which can result in criminal allegations, charges, and strict […]

Death penalty attorney in Atlanta

Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta Discusses Georgia’s Death Row and Disability

Capital punishment is one of the most hotly debated issues in the criminal justice system. At some point throughout history, nearly every state has fought to amend laws concerning capital punishment, including Georgia. Recently, Florida has made headlines after a lengthy battle with the U.S. Supreme Court regarding death row and disabled defendants. According to […]

Credit Card Fraud Attorney in Atlanta

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Credit Card Laws

While credit card and debit card fraud are classified under the general umbrella of fraud, Georgia law has specific guidelines in place for managing specific behaviors and activities involving credit cards and debit cards. One likely explanation for the separate laws is the fact that so many people in Georgia, and all across the United […]

Georgia Drug Laws and Penalties

Atlanta Drug Defense Lawyer Discusses Georgia Drug Laws and Penalties

There are many classifications of drug charges in Georgia, all with strict penalties and an almost guaranteed mark on an individual’s criminal record. Even though the laws are strict and the penalties are harsh, there may be ways for a Georgia resident to lessen the impact of drug charges, such as through a strong criminal […]