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“I am a pilot with a major airline and I was falsely accused of raping and sodomizing a co-worker. I was arrested and about to become indicted on major felony charges, but Mr. Abt was able to convince the police to drop all charges against me. Mr. Abt used an excellent private investigator, a polygraph examiner and a forensic psychologist to persuade the police to dismiss the case. Mr. Abt saved my career and saved my life.”

“I was driving in my car when I was pulled over by the police for a broken tail light. The police searched my car and found ten pounds of marijuana. I thought I was facing ten to twenty years in jail. After investigating my case and working hard, Mr. Abt found a way to convince the Judge to throw the whole case out. Mr. Abt was able to prove the police searched my car illegally and without probable cause or a warrant. I avoided years in prison due to Mr. Abt’s knowledge of the law and hard work. Thank you Jay Abt!”

“I was out with friends and we had a few drinks with dinner. On the way home, I was stopped by the police, and even though I felt totally fine, I was arrested for DUI. Mr. Abt was able to convince the prosecutor to throw out the DUI charges, save my drivers license from being suspended and make sure my insurance rates didn’t go through the roof. Without Mr. Abt, I would not be able to even drive to work every day. Mr. Abt you are my hero, thank you.”

“My wife and I were going through a rough time in our marriage. One night we got in a fight, she attacked me and I lost my temper and punched her several times, giving her a black eye and a swollen lip. She called 911 and the police arrested me and took photos of my wife’s injuries. Later we reconciled and I got some counseling. Mr. Abt was able to convince the prosecutors to drop all charges against me. He used a new legal case and theory which prevented the police from testifying about what they heard or saw. I couldn’t believe it. Mr. Abt saved me from having a criminal record and prevented me from going to jail.”

“One day the FBI showed up at my doorstep with a search warrant. They turned my house upside down and inside out. The seized all of my computer equipment, several computers, hard drives, disks, and software. I knew I was in trouble because I had been selling child pornography on the internet. I hired Mr. Abt because I heard he was an amazing lawyer. He met with the FBI on several occasions over several months. Finally, somehow, he was able to get the charges against me dropped! I couldn’t believe it — Mr. Abt even got my computers returned to me. All I had to do was sign an agreement that I would never sell or view child pornography ever again. I am so grateful to Jay Abt for saving my life and keeping me out of prison.”