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Federal Criminal Defense

Have you ever heard someone say “don’t make a federal case out of it”. What they mean is that federal criminal case is very serious and the penalties are very severe. Handling criminal cases in federal court is often more complex and demanding than handling state-based criminal charges. While Judges in federal courts are no longer required to follow sentencing guidelines, most often they do follow them, leaving defendants vulnerable to the power wielded by federal prosecutors who recommend harsh sentences to the judges. No one should walk into federal court and have to face the resources behind the federal government alone. An aggressive, strategic and charismatic attorney can make all the difference in defending a federal case being prosecuted by the overpowering United States government. Even when a plea bargain is the goal, preparing legal technicalities for argument and navigating the complex procedure in federal court requires tremendous legal experience.

The Abt Law Firm, LLC and its team of attorneys and staff have the experience, results, and knowledge essential to defend you. A federal crime can be investigated by the FBI, DEA, ICE, IRS, ATF, Secret Service or any number of other Federal agencies. After an arrest on a federal criminal charge, a defendant is taken to a federal magistrate judge to determine “probable cause”. The first appearance in court before a federal judge is the arraignment, and bail may be set, or the court sets a later date to hear argument from both sides as to whether the defendant should be granted bond. Other early hearings allow the defendant to argue legal technicalities and other motions prior to trial. Many different kinds of cases are tried in federal courts. Our law firm has experience in federal criminal cases including:

  • drug charges (possession, distribution, trafficking, and manufacturing)
  • sexual offenses (internet sex crimes, child pornography)
  • white collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, corporate theft, extortion, money laundering, RICO)
  • firearms charges

Once contacted by federal law enforcement agents, it is imperative that the individual remain silent. The right to remain silent always exists, but you do not have to be notified until AFTER the arrest. A common law enforcement tactic is to talk to the suspect in order to elicit damaging statements prior to the arrest. This is legal and can be used against you. Also, the agents often ask leading questions that are designed to make the suspect sound like he is admitting something that he really would not admit. If you believe you are a suspect in a federal criminal investigation, contact a federal criminal defense attorney immediately. Do not speak to a federal law enforcement agent without a lawyer.

It is also imperative to contact an attorney licensed in the federal courts. Many attorneys help in the initial phases that are not licensed in federal court. If this happens, that attorney cannot continue representation, which means changing attorneys. This can mean a change in strategy as well as delays because the new attorney has to evaluate the case from scratch. It is very important to hire an attorney licensed in federal court for federal charges. Many criminal defense attorneys are licensed only in the state court, so ask. At the Abt Law Firm, LLC we have handled federal cases throughout many jurisdictions in the United States. For more information on federal criminal defense, please call us for a free consultation at 1-800-NO JAIL 9 (1-800-665-2459).