Atlanta Family Violence Protective Orders

Atlanta Attorney Explains Family Violence Protective Orders

Georgia courts offer family violence protection orders to people who claim to have been the victim of violence or the threat of violence. These kinds of orders can be used to greatly restrict your behavior, and disrupt your life. Knowing the risks associated with having a protection order issued against you is important, and with […]

Attempt, Conspiracy and Solicitation

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses the Differences between Attempt, Conspiracy and Solicitation

Attempt, conspiracy and solicitation are all classified as “inchoate” crimes, meaning that they involve mere preparation to commit a crime and you can be prosecuted for them even if you fail to complete them.  Keep reading to learn more about these serious types of crimes. Attempt In Georgia, criminal attempt occurs when you take a […]

Difference between Murder and Manslaughter in Georgia

Atlanta Attorney Talks about the Difference between Murder and Manslaughter in Georgia

Under Georgia state law, “homicide” is a category of offenses that applies when a crime is committed resulting in the death of a victim. The difference between murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter is particularly important because the seriousness of these crimes vary and a prosecutor may charge you with a more serious offense in […]

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Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Asks: Do Bad Decisions Equal Crime?

It is important that Georgia residents realize the difference between making bad choices and committing a crime. Unfortunately, in some cases, the defining line between these two things is rather unclear, which makes it difficult for those involved to clearly process the scenario and find the truth of the matter. It does not matter who […]


Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Fate of Georgia Residents Arrested after Botched Police Search

One of the fundamental rights that every American has is the protection from illegal searches and seizures by law enforcement. Unfortunately, sometimes there are “gray areas” that make it difficult to ascertain whether those fundamental rights were violated – and under what circumstances, such as an honest mistake or intentionally. When criminal charges result from […]

Capitol Murder Charges in Atlanta

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Georgia’s Capital Punishment Laws

Capital punishment is one of the most widely debated areas of criminal law across the United States. Many states have abolished capital punishment in favor of life sentences in prison. Georgia is one of the many states that continue to practice capital punishment, even though historically, the issue has been challenged on many levels. For […]

Atlanta Child Pornography Charges

Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Child Pornography Charges

In Georgia, one of the most damaging areas of the criminal justice system is that of sex crimes, particularly those involving children. This includes charges relating to child pornography. Child pornography is a complex, serious area of the law, and individuals who are facing child pornography charges likely are overwhelmed and concerned about the security […]

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Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney: No Crime Too Small in Fulton County

The Lewis R. Slaton Courthouse in downtown Atlanta is an impressive building with a history all its own. Inside the Fulton County Courthouse however, many of the cases being tried are less impressive. In fact, the courthouse is something of a contrast between highly publicized criminal cases in Fulton County Superior Court, and the lesser […]